Will aerial photos and aerial video be available for every shoot?2016-12-07T04:02:21-05:00

Simply put – if possible, yes. Certain events may inhibit UAV use: trees, power lines, or dangerous winds, among other things.

We will bring out the UAV. If conditions prove hazardous, you will be informed, and most certainly not charged. We may have sufficient hesitation to postpone ahead of time, and reserve the right to refuse any service we deem a risk to our equipment or any property.

So what makes you so different?2016-12-08T17:44:24-05:00

Unlike 99% of other local marketing collateral providers, we have developed a wide and diverse infrastructure based on repeat business. We are not freelancers! We exist to serve you and your clients 24/7, not to find the highest paying gig at any given time.

Not only do we maintain a strict focus on personal relationships and customer satisfaction, but our business is built to endure into the future, so you will know exactly who to call for the next 5… 10… 20 years when you need a partner to help push your business into the future. We are available 24/7 to take your calls, emails, texts… however you need to reach us.

When can I expect my photos?2016-12-08T21:16:30-05:00

We are proud to offer next-day turnaround on real estate photos! Barring an unusually busy schedule or prior arrangements with you, your photos should hit your inbox by 3pm¹ (first batch start going out between midnight and noon). Please let us know if you do not need them by 3pm, so we can accommodate agents with a tighter schedule 🙂

Rush orders for emergencies are occasionally available, but are entirely dependent on our schedule, when the sun goes down, and how quickly our editor receives the pictures from our photographers. Advance notice of urgency absolutely helps, but does not necessarily guarantee a rush order can be fulfilled.

¹Timeline of photo delivery (what is edited first) is subject to our discretion, based on factors including: how much advance notice we received for photoshoot, advance notice of urgency or lack thereof, preparation of property, quality of interior lighting (difficulty), client relationship & loyalty, outstanding balance on account, whether Dan is sick/dying, earthquakes, etc


How far out should I schedule my shoot?2016-11-17T20:36:23-05:00

The more notice you can give us, the better! When working with as many clients as we do, things sometimes book up quickly. Reaching out to us with as much notice as possible will help to ensure our availability when YOU need us. On average, most of our shoots are scheduled 4-7 days in advance, and time slots are first come first serve.

Help, its an emergency, I need photos NOW, can you help?2016-11-17T20:36:23-05:00

We will do our best! If you are in an absolute pinch, regardless of how you got in to it, we love nothing more then being the heroes of the day for our clients! We can’t guarantee we will be able to pull it off every time, but if we are able to help, consider it done! To be fair to everyone, a modest $25 fee may apply to your same day shoot.

I can’t figure out how to download my images, help?2016-11-17T20:36:23-05:00

You’re in luck, do we ever have experience with that! Included in the email we sent with your Dropbox link to your photos is a break down of how exactly you go about downloading them to your computer. ALWAYS download the images to keep copies for yourself. If after that you still are having a hard time, don’t be shy with reaching out; we’d love to help.

How will I be billed for my shoot?2016-11-17T20:36:23-05:00

We LOVE when a client pays on site on the day of the shoot, it doesn’t get any easier then that! We are able to accept credit card, checks, and even cash in person, on site. If you are unable to join us at the shoot, you will receive an email containing an invoice a few days after receiving you photos that can be paid with a check, credit card, or even from your bank account directly,

What areas do you serve?2016-03-28T16:42:59-04:00

The majority of our work is centered about an hour in any direction from Philadelphia. If you are farther out then that, please don’t hesitate to call, we will figure something out!

Can I tell you how many photos I need, or which shots to take?2016-03-28T16:40:11-04:00

When it comes to how many photos, that is perfectly fine and quite common. If you need less then a full shoot, don’t hesitate to tell us! Keep in mind, outside of it being a full shoot, there will certain shots that will have to be overlooked.

Why are my photos square, blurry, too small etc..?2016-03-25T05:02:19-04:00

There is a pretty good chance you have saved the thumbnails to your photos, and not your actual photos. Good news – this is an easy fix! Please refer to the download instructions that were provided with your files in the original email.

Why should I use professional photography for my listing or project?2016-03-25T04:48:38-04:00

Do you like statistics? We LOVE statistics! on average in a recent study, listings receiving professional photography sold 50% faster and 39% closer to the original listing price than similar homes without professional photos, but even more so, they found listings using professional photography were viewed 118% more than comparable listings.

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