Matt Robnett Founder/President Matt opened PLUSH in 2012 as an answer to market demand for high quality, rapid turnaround real estate media. His team-based, in-house approach to market-defining content was a first in Philadelphia, and his enthusiastic leadership and commitment to over 600 clients continues to push PLUSH into new markets as year-over-year growth accelerates.  

PLUSH sustains his core passions: driving client success, and creating space for employees to pursue their own goals within the PLUSH ecosystem. 
Mike Messina Chief Operating Officer Mike is the operational client-facing backbone of PLUSH. His tireless work ethic, eye for quality and detail, and incredible grasp of systems have carried PLUSH through many rounds of consistent growth as a reliable, leading provider of brand-defining multimedia. He is Matt's right-hand man in every facet of the business. Dan Robnett Real Estate Media Director Dan is the mastermind behind our Real Estate Multimedia Products. He oversees our intensely complex schedule, trains and manages our prep editors, relentlessly refines consistency and quality of product, and maintains our payment systems. Matt's standards are Dan's standards - and they are very high. Rachel Pfeffer Project Manager/Scheduling Coordinator As seams began to pull along a withering explosion of growth this past year, Plush was reaching out to any and every reliable connection in the ol' Rolodex. Thankfully for all of us, Rachel had done a $50 logo fix for a desperate Plush client, and was only a few weeks old in Matt's Facebook Messages. Serendipity. 

A design and print entrepreneur from a young age, Rachel's 10+ years of experience have been a boon for company and client alike. Co-creator of Philly's beloved Secret Admirer periodical, her project management skills span across many industries and disciplines. She has elevated our booking efficiency to brand new heights, and is currently lead designer on a secret new venture launching in the coming weeks. Rachel does it all.
Pete Hill Lead Field Photographer Pete is the model PLUSH field photographer. As the veteran spearhead of our real estate photography team, his unflappable willingness to do right by our clients without complaint has made him the benchmark all PLUSH photographers must aspire to be. If you know him, you love him.

Check out his links below to hear the music that fuels our office!
Matt Piko Digital Production Expert Piko is the PLUSH ace in the hole. Eternally enthusiastic and obsessed with client satisfaction, Piko's core focus is producing and delivering high quality video content to our clients daily. He is constantly inspiring everyone around him, and his positive attitude pushes everyone past the finish line when the going gets tough.

What PLUSH Means for You


A Benchmark Approach

With PLUSH, you experience market-leading, top-tier multimedia collateral. Every time, no questions asked.


Insatiable Producers

Our non-stop, 24-hour in-house media team provides the most client-focused, high-quality media turnaround in the biz.


24-Hour Support

We are available 24/7/365. Feel free to reach out to us anytime with any questions, concerns, or inquiries.


Experience Counts

You can count on our team of market veterans to elicit an enthusiastic response from your customers. Each and every time.


Insight is Everything

Our experienced and predictive approach ensures we solve your problems before you know they exist.


We Are the Future

Our finger is reliably on the pulse of modern technology. If you need the next big thing, rest assured we’re already on it.

Focus on building the best possible business. If you are great, people will notice and opportunities will appear.